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Park Hall Academy

Park Hall Academy

Water Orton Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. B36 9HF

Telephone:0121 748 0400

Fax:0121 748 0414

Contact:Mr Cox

Pastoral Care

The pastoral system at Park Hall Academy is centred around year groups, which are split into 8 different tutor groups. The tutor groups are then divided into four houses - Arden, Bradford, Jaguar and Spitfire.

Each Year Group is led by a Head of Year who focuses on  promoting good attendance, punctuality and attitudes, and a Key Stage Progress Leader that  focusing on progress and achievement through monitoring, planning and setting targets for improvement. This means that every child receives a high level of holistic care.

Our pastoral team are highly qualified to support your child through a variety of approaches and regular monitoring. We strongly believe in partnership working with every family.

Our highly qualified staff will work with you as parents and carers to ensure that your child achieves their very best whilst ensuring that every child has a happy and fulfilling life at school.

Head of Lower School - Miss M Leydon

Deputy Head of Lower School - Miss R Newlands

  Head of Year Progress Leader KS3
Year 7 Mrs C Wakefield Mr C Cullum-Kenyon
Year 8 Miss L Traynor (Mr S Cooper) Mr C Cullum-Kenyon
Year 9 Mr A Williams Mr C Cullum-Kenyon

Head of Upper School - Mr T Robinson

Deputy Head of Upper School - Mr M Sullivan 

  Head of Year Progress Leader KS4
Year 10 Mrs J Percival Mr M Sullivan
Year 11 Mr D Cox  Mr M Sullivan

Behaviour Support Manager - Ms K Maxwell

Progress Co-ordinator with responsibility for looked after children: - Mr S Gregory

Head of Sixth Form: Mr I Cornell
Year 12 & 13 Sixth Form Progress Manager: Miss A Norrey
Education Welfare Officer: Mrs S Bains

Specialities and Awards