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Park Hall Academy

Park Hall Academy

Water Orton Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. B36 9HF

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Modern Foreign Languages

Key Stage 3 

  • Attempt all extension activities for homework and classwork. Aim high – don’t settle to achieve your target level, but to exceed it.
  • Extra-Curricular Activies, such as ‘Culture Club’ on Tuesdays at 12:45pm in L10
  • Extension tasks that push your learning into GCSE or even A Level standard
  • Correspondence with French pen pals in Year 9.
  • Taking part in study visits to France.
  • Independent tasks such as working out a specific grammar rule and explaining it your peers. Write your own rule and produce an exercise for the rest of the class and even your teacher!
  • Make use of Language Perfect even in a language you haven’t studied (yet!)
  • The promotion of studying 1 language at GCSE.
  • In a listening exercise, write down what you hear, transpose what you hear into another tense.
  • Ask your teacher to mark a speaking or written piece as a GCSE grade in Year 9.
  • Find a podcast to support your pronunciation and your general understanding
  • Take an interest in festivals or the culture of the language that you are learning, such as Mardi Gras.
  • Change the language of your phone or other device to understand simple instructions.
  • Teach a relative something that you have previously learnt.

Key Stage 4 

  • Use mark-winner/ A* phrases and ‘Power phrases’ in speaking and written controlled assessments.
  • Make sure you know the success criteria for speaking and controlled assessments. Ask for a copy of a blank mark sheet and ask your teacher to explain how this is marked.
  • Include more tenses. Find out about the subjunctive, pluperfect, past conditional and make sure that you include them in your speaking and writing!
  • Make use of Language Perfect even in a language you haven’t studied (yet!)
  • Speak to former students who are now studying languages at university.
  • The promotion of studying 1 or 2 languages at A Level and even Degree Level. Universities often give out lower offers to language students. You are in demand!
  • A Level questions for Reading and Listening exercises.
  • Be prepared to speak more spontaneously and fluently.
  • Understand language from a range of contexts. The language and grammar that you learn are not confined to just 1 topic!
  • Listening and Reading exercises – note down new vocabulary and learn it independently. Use this in the next speaking or written homework.
  • In a listening exercise, write down what you hear, transpose what you hear into more than 1 tense.
  • Ask your teacher in advance of the lesson for the vocabulary you will hear and learn it in ADVANCE of the lesson.
  • Read for pleasure, do a review of a film or find out about a cultural or linguistic feature that particularly interests you.
  • Listen to music in another language from you tube. Can you find examples in English and the TL from YouTube?

Also of interest:

  • Learn a language at The Brasshouse.
  • GCSE catch up
  • FRUNCH (French at lunch)

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