Ofsted Inspections

    Park Hall Academy was inspected by Ofsted over a period of two days in November 2013 and April 2012. Below are some quotes from our 2012 report which may be of interest to you. If you would like to see the full reports you can download them below or they can be viewed on the Ofsted website by clicking here.

    “Park Hall Academy has made impressive improvements since it opened, and is achieving significantly better outcomes year-on-year … Standards are rising strongly and gaps in performance are narrowing quickly.”

    “Key Stage 4 average point scores significantly exceed the national average.”

    “Students with lower starting points make particularly good progress, as do disabled students and those with special educational needs and those known to be eligible for free school meals.”

    “A large majority of teaching is consistently good and much is outstanding.”

    “Teachers have high expectations of students’ behaviour, and good relationships between adults and students establish a positive climate for learning.”

    “Assessment is a notable strength of teaching because it is routinely embedded into lessons.”

    “The relentless focus on strengthening teaching has, rightly, been a key priority and is developing model practice.”

    “The academy has suitable strategies for communicating with parents and carers, including those who have found working with the academy difficult.”

    “Pastoral systems provide excellent support and guidance for students ... The focus on the individual needs of each student ensures that gaps in the progress and performance of particular groups are narrowing.”

    “They (students) say that adults are alert to all forms of bullying and are swift to address any incidents that occur.”

    1. Ofsted Inspection Report 2013
    2. Ofsted Inspection Report 2012